What does a BodyTalk Session look like? 

The whole process of a BodyTalk session is gentle and non-invasive. At the beginning of each session we will talk about what it is that you would like to shift in your life and what your goals are for BodyTalk.  Each session lasts from 45-55 minutes. 


Now, if you're wondering... "yeah...but what actually happens", this is where it gets exciting!

In order for me to best explain this to you, there are some foundational concepts and terms that can be helpful for you to understand.  

An integral part of training to be a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner is learning how to access the intuitive, right-brain. Therefore, BodyTalk is a form of intuitive healing that uses structured intuition. The structure comes from the BodyTalk Protocol Chart. Each section of the chart addresses certain aspects of the bodymind including all  physical, mental, emotional and energetic frequencies. When intuition is combined with the structure of the protocol chart, it's a beautiful thing. I am guided by your innate wisdom to different aspects of the chart which help bring awareness to the areas of your body that need increased communication for healing.

BodyTalk uses a form of neuromuscular feedback called muscle checking to help provide valuable feedback by checking the intuitive process to ensure your innate wisdom is respected and to keep the session on track. 

Once I am no longer guided anywhere on the chart it is time to facilitate communication in the BodyMind through gentle tapping and contact of specific energy points. This whole process can be done without physical contact on the body if you are sensitive to physical touch or the session is performed at a distance.

Your innate wisdom is guiding the session, which makes this an incredibly beautiful and empowering experience. Each session is unique and completely tailored to your specific needs. You can trust that no matter the outcome of the session, whether it be the immediate release of a symptom or a subtle change in how you move through life, that it is for your best and highest good. 

Clear as mud? Good! You are right on track! If you are even a bit curious or interested, I highly recommend booking a session! The best way to learn about it is to experience it! 


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